The Single Platform Solution for Connecting Carriers with Shippers and Brokers

Despite the influx of technology solutions in logistics, many of us still find ourselves buried under hundreds of emails, hours of phone calls, and spreadsheets of login credentials for countless load boards and customer portals. Maintaining high quality bookings with world-class partners at fair rates is as challenging as ever.

Is there a solution that connects the industry without complicated workflows or excessive downtime?

The Solution is newtrul

newtrul connects carriers with shippers and brokers in one central place. Our proprietary search tool gives carriers the power to streamline their logistics operation by digitally booking loads with core partners. Carriers gain exclusive access to their customers’ freight through a central hub, eliminating the need for posts on public load boards. Simply put, newtrul provides an easy to use solution without creating extra work.

newtrul integrates with your TMS provider for a seamless workflow.
newtrul’s preferred carriers get exclusive access to instantly search for and book loads without calls or emails.

Seeing is Believing!

A few minutes of your time can give you the advantage you've been waiting for.