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Supercharge your network & connect to +10,000 active carriers. We help mid-market freight brokerages unlock automation & grow with digital bookings
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Connect your brokerage to newtrul and instantly supercharge your carrier network.


Directly Online
Make it EASY to search, find, and book directly online. Add custom loads & lanes to get real-time rates.


Your Brokerage
Unlock automation to unlock growth. Scale your business through streamlined carrier ops

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How it works

By charging transaction fees, we've aligned our model with your needs
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Find Trusted Carriers
Bid & Negotiate
Book Online Instantly
Repeat Carrier Bookings
Pay only when you get a booking.
$10-30 Per Transaction, based on your volume.
The more you book the more you save.
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Search. Find. Book.

Other than providing carriers technology to find your loads, newtrul also gives their clients a best in class platform to augment their TMS
Streamline Pricing
Don't wait for historical averages to update. Search and see what loads are getting booked.
Out-Of-Network Matches
Identify carriers who consistently haul lanes within your network
CRM for Carriers
Digitize your "tribal knowledge" and then leverage matches and auto-outreach to leverage best practices
Maintain control via digital negotiations while newtrul automatically encourages your carriers to bid
newtrul will quickly search your TMS to present the best match for your shipments
Use newtruls reporting tools to optimize and grow your brokerage business.
“With newtrul, we feel like we have an extra carrier rep booking our freight!”
CEO of $100M Freight Brokerage
“We are changing our carrier rep incentive structure to enable more newtrul bookings”
Broker at $60M Freight Brokrage

Make booking simple. Grow your trucking business.

Let’s trucking grow. Connect your company to newtrul.
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