One stop for your transportation solutions. newtrul.

Booking transactional loads is an expensive and overly complicated process that relies on too many calls, emails, and website visits.

newtrul provides carriers a search engine to easily search, find, and book their customers’ freight.

The result? Digital bookings with partners you know and trust.


newtrul lets you take back wasted time so you can focus on growing your business.


newtrul technology is easy to use and will seamlessly integrate with your current systems.


We do not have a dog in the fight, we only want to enable those who do.

Your next solution is newtrul. 4 easy steps...

Step 1

newtrul integrates with a shipper or broker's current technology.

Step 2

Carriers log into newtrul and search for the perfect match.

Step 3

Carriers book shipments in newtrul.

Step 4

Booking data is pushed to the shipper or broker's technology.