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A better way to connect to your favorite brokers.

Newtrul is a better way for Carriers to connect directly to trusted Brokers that you already work with.

Discover new brokers in our verified network. Get intros to new brokers who have what you need.
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More Bookings, Less Technology.

We make it easy for mid-market carriers to remain competitive without spending a fortune on software or disrupting their current operations.
Lane Alerts

Get notified for new freight in your lanes.

Let freight find you - create your own custom lanes, add your trucks, and setup notifications to get be first bid new shipments in your areas.
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Bid & Negotiate

Maintain 100% control of your rates.

Use your simple tools to easily communicate with the broker and get the best rate for you. Our Newtrul brokers value reliability and aim to pay premium rates for quality carriers.
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Instant Booking

Book Freight Directly Online

We streamline the entire booking process making it easier for you to stay focused on operations over sales.
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TMS Integrations

Integrate your TMS with without disruption.

We do all of the heavy lifting so you don't have to. Setup your carrier profile in 15 minutes and get started booking.
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How it works

Take the stress out of bookings, payments and outreach. Connect to new brokers and find detailed search for high-quality loads. Get started with newtrul in 3 easy steps.
Sign-Up & Add Trucks/Lanes
Connect your TMS with one-click and add your trucks, lanes and terminals.
Search Loads & Match Brokers
Create long-term relationships with brokers and find reliable freight.
Negotiate & Book Online
Maintain 100% control over rates and easily book freight directly online.

Connect your TMS & amplify your reach.

We do the heavy lifting so don't have to.

A better way to grow your trucking business.

Find Better Brokers
Connect with reliable, verified brokers and create long lasting relationships.
Instant Booking
Save time. Bid & negotiate directly online. Maintain 100% control of your rates.
Lane Alerts
Get notifications for new shipments in your own customized lanes.

Make booking simple. Grow your trucking business.

Let’s trucking grow. Connect your company to newtrul.
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