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Over 70% of newtrul's team started their career at a brokerage, carrier, or shipper. Our mission is to empower trucking companies with access to world-class automation to stay competitive in a fast-changing industry.

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Our partners have tremendous amount of experience with marketplaces and share our vision in using world-class software to empower companies of all sizes.

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What's importat to newtrul.
Customer first
we know because we’ve been there & understand the challenge.
it’s not about getting the job done, it’s about getting it right.
we care about our team, our customers and our partners deeply.
we love what we do, that’s why we went out of our way to create newtrul.

The newtrul Team.

Ed Stockman
Co-Founder & CEO
Shiv Sinha
Co-Founder & CTO
John Tozer
Co-Founder & COO
Elizabeth Illiano
Head of Staff
Mike Borre
Senior Product Manager
Chad Selix
Account Executive
Sara Ballen
Sales Manager
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